This API allows you to retrieve estimates and the underlying mempool data used to compute these. Data is refreshed approximately every 5 minutes.

It is free for non-commercial use. If you'd like a commercial license or if you anticipate to make a lot of requests, please just get in touch before!

The data is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons License


All endpoints return data in JSON format.

GET https://bitcoiner.live/api/fees/estimates/latest
Return latest fee estimates.
Total fees are given for a "typical" transaction of 1 input/2 outputs:
p2wpkh (Pay-To-Witness-Public-Key-Hash) refers to native Segwit transactions (141 vbytes, cheapest).
p2sh-p2wpkh (Pay-To-Script-Hash/Pay-To-Witness-Public-Key-Hash) refers to Segwit compatibility transactions (166 vbytes, 18% more expensive).
p2pkh (Pay-To-Public-Key-Hash) refers to legacy transactions (226 vbytes, 60% more expensive).

Query Parameter:

Output: { "timestamp": number : unix timestamp of when the data was last refreshed, "estimates": { "number : target confirmation in minutes": { "sat_per_vbyte": number : estimated fee rate in satoshis per virtual-byte, // approximate total fee for a 1 input/2 outputs transaction, for different transaction types, in both satoshis and USD "total": { "p2pkh": {"usd": ..., "satoshi": ...}, "p2sh-p2wpkh": {"usd": ..., "satoshi": ...}, "p2wpkh": {"usd": ..., "satoshi": ...} } }, ... } }

GET https://bitcoiner.live/api/mempool/latest
Return latest mempool stats (current weight and weight velocities at different fee levels).
Sizes are in Weight-Units (WU), 1 normal byte = 4 WU, 1 witness byte = 1 WU. Fee rates are in satoshis/vbyte (1 vbyte = 4 WU).
Each fee rate bucket shows only the data for transactions going through that particular bucket. That is unlike the "Details" page which aggregates values for transactions at fee rates greater than or equal.

Output: { "timestamp": number : unix timestamp of when the data was last refreshed, "mempool": { "number : fee rate": number : weight of transactions currently sitting in the mempool at this fee rate (Weight-Units), ... }, "flow": { "number : last N minutes": { "number : fee rate": number : velocity of new transactions entering the mempool at this fee rate over the last N minutes (Weight-Units per minute), ... }, ... } }